About The Book

Andover Press announces the publication of
The Prosecution, Imprisonment, and Gangland Murder of Jimmy Hoffa
By E. William Henry

Jimmy Hoffa is one of America’s most enduring mysteries. Over the years authorities have dug up a Michigan horse farm, looked beneath a swimming pool, and pulled up floorboards. Now, through impressive connections—to President Kennedy, to government lawyer Jim Neal, and to investigative reporter John Seigenthaler—author Bill Henry offers new insights into Hoffa’s prosecution in his new novel, Fatal Alliance. In compelling and concise prose, Henry reveals the fact that Neal, during trial breaks, convinced Hoffa that the FBI was secretly
surveilling his every move. He also offers the stunning
revelation that had certain Oval Office conversations
been reported, they would have most likely saved Hoffa’s life.

FATAL ALLIANCE by William Henry
ISBN 978-1938183010| 320 Pages | Price: $24.95 |
Publication Date: November 1, 2012


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